I extend the boundaries of Your potentialities through dance
due to perception of moves and own body.

About me

My experience in working as a teacher is over 25 years. I like to train both children and adults. I taught many of students who dance in various corners of the world. I was selected for admission into Academy of choreography and acquired an education in Moscow under Bolshoi Theater of opera and ballet.

Dance is my life.


  • I prefer morning run, I have a soft spot for sea, swimming, snorkeling (swimming with snorkel mask), badminton
  • I like to treat myself to bowling game, I go in for archery
  • I study foreign languages, I like to travel and to study various world cultures
  • I study astrology, I am interested in philosophy and its various fields
  • I go in for meditations and spiritual practices. I am interested in depth study of all processes occurring in life rather than superficial view of life.

In my own time I am the participant of TV-projects and judge at various choreographic competitions and festivals. I am also the participant of TV-project “So You Think You Can Dance-6 (Ukraine)” (one of 20 best dancers of this season).

I know how to:

  • see and unlock your potential
  • emphasize your personality
  • motivate you to succeed
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