Evening Classes «Body-Ballet»

Based on my experience of work with body and energy through dance I opened group of trainings for women “Body-Ballet”.


  • to strengthen your women’s energy through dance
  • to improve body posture; to become trim, svelte and nice looking
  • to balance work of entire organism through physical activity
  • to enhance mood and to experience positive emotions.

Today I develop this project and put my view and experience into it. I perform and give master classes.

It is a special program meant to made body disciplined, beautiful and flexible and turn your body to sensitive instrument having a fine appreciation of its energy.

“Body-Ballet” is a light version of classical dance where many of choreography elements are present; however, heavy and soul-sucking physical activity is excluded. Program includes choreographic and aerobics elements as well as easy stretching exercises.

ADVANTAGES of trainings at “Body-Ballet” group:

  • Choreographic material is easier and adapted for students of various bodily constitution, age and abilities
  • Initial physical form and age are of no importance
  • “Body-Ballet” will enable you to implement and to strengthen your women’s energy through dance
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