Lessons Of Classical Dance

Classical dance is a base for all dance styles and art movements!

If you want:

  • to study dancing engineering technique
  • to learn to dance on the tips of the toes
  • to prepare brief classical shows in the form of etude and adagio
  • to develop your natural qualities through stretching and special exercises
  • to develop correct posture and to cure some spinal curvatures

THEN you will see the result in 1-2 months already because we work for efficiency with you.

My experience in working as a teacher is over 25 years. I like to teach any kind of dances both for children and adults but the classical dance is my “forte”. I train everyone – beginners who came for the first time and experienced dancers of various styles.

My education is unique due to the fact that I studied in Moscow in the Academy of Choreography under Bolshoi Theater. Afterwards I completed courses on up-to-date methods of teaching of classical dance at junior and middle school.

Today my students study at ballet academies of Kyiv, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, London, Paris and the USA. They are the winners of competitions and TV-shows.


  • student-centered approach in training
  • you can achieve result much faster than in other dance studios
  • you will train for admission into any choreographic higher educational institution or dance academy
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