Establishment of ballet school is a creative and interesting business. It’s a real trend to go in for ballet rather than fitness today. It’s cool, stylishly and extremely womanly.

One-of-a-kind schools with one top dance style (e.g. ballet) are more and more in demand; professional training of students is guaranteed in these schools. This business can be considered as one of the sweetest spot for those who:

  • wants to have quite good income
  • wants to carry on business
  • but does not have large capital at the start

Services offered by such schools are high maintenance but both parents and children are in comfort with it because ballet is an art for the ages. I offer cooperation and look for partners in the field of training and establishment of ballet choreographic school. I will consider any proposals and I am open to any relocation within a short time.


  • my experience in establishment of dance school
  • skills of communication with creative individuals
  • organization of complete training process at school according to curriculum of choreographic school (Moscow State Academy of Choreography)
  • training of teachers and tutorial courses on up-to-date methods of teaching of ballet fundamentals
  • teaching master classes oriented to training for entrance to leading choreographic educational institutions both of children of 6-9 years and adults