I focus on development of student’s personality in my work with students so I prefer one-to-one lessons rather than group trainings.

It is harder for gifted child to show his/her talent in group classes so it is wise to give private lessons to this child.

But for “typical” children the group is more appropriate as they blend into a crowd. Talents of students are not taken into account to the full extent in group classes.

Many of my students implemented their talents already; they study at ballet academies of Kyiv, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, London, Paris and the USA. They work as dancers in famous theaters of opera and ballet; they win competitions and TV-shows.

I train both children of 6-9 years and adults for entrance to leading choreographic educational institutions.

{:ru}Albert Di{:}{:en}Albert Di{:}
Albert Di

I took classes of this remarkable teacher for years. She is very strong, self-confident and hard-working woman and teacher and the wonderful person in daily life. I can say without any doubt that all trainings with her encourage and give an impetus to development.
Yes, it can be difficult at starting but it was not easy always. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
As Olga Tregub says: “Do it! Move on! Don’t be lazy!”

{:ru}Ilya Olejnik{:}{:en}Ilya Olejnik{:}
Ilya Olejnik

My parents tried to choose some activity for me for a long time. They didn’t want me to screw around. So I went to swimming pool, vocal and karate exercises. But there was not any teacher who paid real attention to me. And then my mother read about a school of ballet dance by Olga Valentinovna and we came to first lesson. I liked her attitude to me and her work very much. She lived and lives for ballet; she is committed to this art. So I started to study ballet regularly. She treated me like own son, she gave support to me and made ballet dancer from me. I was admitted to Kyiv State Dance School thanks to her and I became a ballet dancer upon graduation. Today I work in Saint Petersburg at Boris Eifman Ballet Theater – the most advanced and the best known theater of the world. I am happy and grateful to Olga Valentinovna to it.

Thank you!

{:ru}Галина Павлюкова{:}{:en}Galina Pavliukova{:}
Galina Pavliukova

I think that meeting with Olga Valentinovna is a gift of destiny.
It was Olga thanks to whom my daughter had chosen her lifelong love at an early age and came to the world of ballet. She ingrained her appropriate attitude to work, showed the ropes, fundamentals of classical dance – next step forward is impossible without it. I had never met other teachers who put their hearts into their students, live for their work. Olga is a real expert; she is tactful and wonderful person!
Today my daughter is a student of one of the best ballet educational institutions in the world and we have a lot to thank Olga Valentinovna for it. When my daughter comes home on holidays she meets her first teacher gladly. In truth she still needs her. As a matter of fact the most important in teacher especially in ballet teacher is a sincere interest in student and belief in his/her success.

{:ru}Елизавета Веденеева{:}{:en}Elizaveta Vedeneeva{:}
Elizaveta Vedeneeva

It is always difficult to find a good teacher.
But it is more difficult to find a good teacher of classical choreography. However, miracles happen and I know such person. Olga gives her best both in work with professionals and with amateurs; she shares knowledge not only in the field of classical choreography – but also in the field of folk dance, contemporary plastique, yoga, fitness – this list can be continued over and over again. In addition to professional excellence Olga Tregub possesses fine personal qualities: she is attentive, sensible, tactful, friendly person. She is well-groomed woman, always in a good mood in a good shape, full of cheerfulness and optimism. Olga gives a chance to each and every one irrespective of gender, age and physical training to immerse oneself in the world of classical dance.

Violetta and Irina

We attend the group of “Body—ballet” or ballet for adults quite recently but we had a chance to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of classical dance! We are extremely satisfied! We feel ourselves fit, ladylike and beautiful. Olia can get on the right side of each of us. She can arrange a lesson and to distribute load in the right manner; to demonstrate move technically correctly and to explain its performance. She is attentive to everyone; she is very kind and smiling.

Olia, thanks so much!